Offline for a Bit

Boat Pic with frame

I have my next and hopefully final surgery this week.

It’s a major surgery, and so I’ll be hospitalized for a couple of days, with several weeks of recovery.

All of my sponsors have been notified via notecard in-world. If you haven’t received one, please let me know. It is possible that it just got lost in the SL netherworld.

I hope to return soon!


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Photo Taken in Le Sixieme Sens


Cute-ify Your Second Life with Zen Creations

Zen Creations Puppy Power with frame

You need some cuteness in your Second Life, right? Well, Zen Creations has something that will make you smile every time you go to your SL home.

The Pillow Puppy Power Pack includes the dog house, sign, pillows, blanket, water bowl, and puppy. You can change the color of the dog house by just a click of the mouse. All items are decor only.

Be sure and stop by the Zen Creations Main Store or the Marketplace and pick up yours today!

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Zen Creations Main Store

Zen Creations Website

Zen Creations on the Marketplace

Zen Creations Facebook Page

Zen Creations on Flickr

Pillow Puppy Power Pack on Marketplace

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Pillow Puppy Power Pack from Zen Creations

Wild Crocus White – Six, Wild Crocus Saffron – Many, Wild Crocus White – Many, Wild Crocus Saffron – Six, and Wild Crocus Saffron – Two from [ keke ]

Bouton d’or Yellow {Rounded-Field}, Wild Sassafras v2 {Animated},  Wild Grass 1Li {Green}, Bouton d’or Yellow {Field}, and Honey Tree v2 {4 Seasons} from Little Branch

*OH MY GARDEN* Garden Shed, *OH MY GARDEN* Flower Pots, *OH MY GARDEN* Tomato Patch, *OH MY GARDEN* Strawberry Patch, and *OH MY GARDEN* Pink Birdsfoot Patch from Shine by [ZD]

Thistle Saltwater Cottage (Marine Edition) from Thistle Homes

‘Spring Bloom’ Daffodil Planter #4, Wall Hanging Plant #2,  ‘Coastal’ Marlow Chair (Right),  ‘Coastal’ Marlow Tray Decor, ‘Coastal’ Marlow End Table, Beach Hut Clock, House Plant – Rubber Tree, House Plant – Eucalyptus, Bronze Plant Stand (Tall), and House Plant – Agave (Stand) from {what next}

2. Apple Fall Dolly Piano from Apple Fall

Bee Diagram Print and Butterfly Diagram Print from Floorplan


New Pose Set Available at Zen Creations

Angy Pose Final with frame

Zen Creations has a new pose set available in their main store, compliments of Poses, by Pjay Adder.

The Angy Singles Pose Set includes poses that are varied and so would fit most any setting or situation. And the best part? The set is free for any member of the Zen Creations group in-world.

With such quality gifts like the Angy Singles Pose Set, joining the Zen Creations group is definitely worth the slot. Stop by the Main Store and pick up some great poses today!

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Zen Creations Main Store

Zen Creations Website

Zen Creations on the Marketplace

Zen Creations Facebook Page

Zen Creations on Flickr

Angy Singles Pose Set on Flickr

Credits and Resources

Photo Taken in Le Sixieme Sens

Angy Pose #2 from Zen Creations (Pjay Adder)

Delphine Mesh Hair from TRUTH Hair

Regina Dress from Kendrasy Creations

Debra Heels from KC | Couture

Keshi Pearl Heart Necklace and Earrings from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery

Carmilla (LeLutka Applier) Europa from Glam Affair


::NEWCHURCH:: at the Home and Garden Expo

Newchurch RFL with frame

Ready to shop for a good cause? The Home and Garden Expo is now open, and ::NEWCHURCH:: has brought some items to the event that you will be sure to love.

The Gemma 2 Chair, Sofa, and Chair-and-a-Half are all Relay for Life exclusives. Colorful and yet classic, they are certainly items that will fit in with almost any style.

You can find these ::NEWCHURCH:: pieces and more at the Home and Garden Expo. Go shop and contribute to a good cause!

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::NEWCHURCH:: Main Store

:: NEWCHURCH :: Flickr Group

:: NEWCHURCH :: Facebook Page

::NEWCHURCH:: at Home and Garden Expo

Home and Garden Expo Website

Credits and Resources

Gemma 2 Sofa, Relay and Gemma 2 Chair-and-a-Half, Relay from ::NEWCHURCH::

Alboran Summer House from Serenity Style

Oak Wood {Seasons} from Little Branch

Palma Coffee Decor, Palma Potted Plant, Wall Hanging Plant #1, Wall Hanging Plant #2,  Wall Hanging Plant #3, Pothos Plant (stand), Swiss Cheese Plant, House Plant – Rubber Tree, Snake Plant, Rosa Pallet Shelf, and Oasis Bloom – Tall Cactus Planter from {what next}

Book Stack Lamp / Blue Ombre, Open Book, Welcome Home Chalkboard, and Farm Sideboard / Ink from Floorplan

Throw Rug / Woven from Brocante

Book Tray from {Petite Maison}

Cubed Coffee Table – White from [Schultz Bros.]

Jacob Bookcase with Books (2li version) Natural from LISP

Pudgy Persians 2. Adult Wanderer from JIAN


Keep Going!

Going through hell 5 with frame

Need some inspiration to get your week started off in the right direction? ChiMia may have something just for you at the latest round of the Cosmopolitan Event.

You’ll be sure to love ChiMia’s collection of Inspirational Posters. Each is only 1LI, and all are copy/mod. Definitely something to fit anyone’s style!

So stop by ChiMia at the Cosmopolitan Event. You won’t want to miss out on these decorative posters!

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ChiMia Main Store

ChiMia Website

ChiMia Facebook Page

ChiMia on Flickr

Inspirational Posters on Flickr

Cosmopolitan SLURL

Credits and Resources

Keep Going Poster from ChiMia

Falling to Pieces by Exposeur

Asymmetrical Loose Shirt & Midi Skirt from NYU

Arden Mesh Hair from TRUTH Hair

Agnes (LeLutka Applier) Europa from Glam Affair

Rachel Pumps from KC | Couture


Spice Up Your Second Life with :North Moon:

North Moon Spice Rack with frame

:North Moon: has something new that will spice up your SL home!

The All about Them Herbs Wall Decor is a highly detailed piece of decor that includes shelf, photo, herbs, and more. It would be perfect in your kitchen or above a fireplace. The decor is available both on the Marketplace and in the :North Moon: Main StoreAnd it’s only L$75!

Definitely pick up this new offering from :North Moon:. It will be sure to add some fun to your SL life.

Important Links

:North Moon: Main Store

North Moon: on Facebook

:North Moon: on Flickr

All about Them Herbs Wall Decor on Flickr

All about Them Herbs Wall Decor on Marketplace

Credits and Resources

All about Them Herbs Wall Decor from :North Moon:

Bordeaux Cottage from [Schultz Bros.]

Lace Straight Curtains – White 1 and Lace Straight Curtains – Bar to Use from Knick Knacks

11. Our Secret Hideout – Bird Spot, 08. Our Secret Hideout – Butterly Light, and 09. Our Secret Hideout – Butterfly Gift from 8f8

Metal Branches Wall Lamp from Botanical

Frame with Trees Light (A-type) and Aroma Stick (Natural) Rose from Bitter Vanilla

Thistle Book Stack with Photos from Thistle Homes

Robin Nest. Natural from Dust Bunny

Palma Stack of Books and Pair of Candles from {what next}

Bucket of Tulips from .:Revival:.

Throw Rug / Woven from Brocante

“Afternoon Tea” Table from Zen Creations

Poppy’s Chair from Kalopsia

Curiosity Bell Jar – Egg, Curiosity Bust – Here, and Curiosity Bell Jar – Dragonfly Green from [ keke ]

4. Apple Fall Blanket Curio from Apple Fall

[Enchanted Branch] Shelf, [Enchanted Branch] Stool, and [Enchanted Branch] Table from Sway’s

Quartz Collection, Pears, Butterflies Towards the Moon, and Inguz Rune (Walnut) from SPELL

Hanging Moon Phases [Silver] from Ionic



Put Yourself in the Spotlight with ello.

Zoe Mini Dress with frame

Want an incredibly sexy dress to add to your summer wardrobe? Then ello. has something just for you.

Ello. has brought their Zoe Mini Dress to the Spotlight event, which runs through May 22. The Zoe Mini Dress comes in multiple colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your style.

So be sure and stop by the Spotlight event before it ends. You won’t want to miss out on picking up the latest from ello.

Important Links

Ello. Main Store

Ello. on Marketplace

Ello. on Flickr

Ello. on Facebook

Zoe Mini Dress on Flickr

Spotlight Event SLURL

Credits and Resources

Zoe Mini Dress – Black from ello.

Exit 9b (Backdrop) from Anxiety

Envy #2 Pose from Zen Creations (Pjay Adder)

Arden Mesh Hair from TRUTH Hair

Klara (LeLutka Applier) Europa from Glam Affair

Kalistar Necklace and Earrings from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery

Ismara Boots from KC | Couture