Returning Home to Second Life

Satori Portrait with MacDougal cropped for blogHaving recently returned to Second Life after an absence, I found all of the changes since 2011 to be somewhat disconcerting. Whether it was the disappearance of sims or the rise of mesh, the differences were drastic.

Making a home on the Mainland, though, gave me a bit of stability as well as a place for my cute KittyCatS.

After getting the home rezzed properly and minimal decor added, I brought the kitties inside, and they certainly established themselves as permanent and important residents in my second life.

What began with one kitty ultimately took on a life of its own, my virtual clowder growing in number over the weeks. I obviously have a weakness for cute little animals, and KittyCatS are no exception. From their lovely coats to their fun interactions, I couldn’t resist them.

My spare time, which previously had been generally devoted to reading, writing, and movies, became more and more wrapped up with my kitties. Logging in after a difficult day of online work, they would greet me with sayings like “Hey Satori, you look great from down here!” and eagerly ask me to take them shopping or whatnot. My mood lifted with each interaction, and even the real life workday struggles seemed to disappear in that moment.

I am still getting adjusted to the changes, but my home is a constant in a changing virtual world, and that’s a good thing for an introverted, animal lover like me.



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  1. Blue

    Wow. I had a similar experience of leaving SL for a number of years. When I came back, it was the Amaretto horses that anchored me, and I stayed. Now, I am involved in many more things. It’s amazing though, how these breedables can help you get reacquainted with the virtual world, again.


  2. Willow

    Another similar experience! My “vacation” from SL lasted about three years. Unfortunately it covered the period when mesh really came in and there were lots of other changes. When I came back I had to learn to get dressed again. I’m still getting adjusted to being able to link things in inventory. But it was like coming home again.

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  3. Rachel

    I just made a comeback to sl yesterday. I feel like such a newb, but I also feel like I’m back home. I miss my old friends (most also left sl, the rest I lost touch with) and everything sl was to me. I had to make a new Avi (she’s mesh). She has no friends, but that’s ok. I still can’t figure out how to get her to wear shoes,Lol! I remember having kittykats and my love for them. I remember role-playing and how fun that could be. I have history here and it was life in sl that i missed most.


    • satorimarat

      Hi Rachel! I’m glad that you came back to SL. (I’m sorry I’m just now seeing your comment.) If you would like to friend me or ever just need some help with clothes and such, feel free to send me a message. 🙂


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