Fleming, the Ocicat

Fleming Pic for BlogOne evening, I was walking around the various kitty markets just to see what there was to see.

Now, I had been doing this for what? Over an hour? I was beginning to despair of finding that one special kitty that I could adopt. The kitties were beautiful but often quite expensive. And the range of coats and eyes and whiskers and sizes! Oh my!

Did I admit that this was perhaps one of my first evenings back in Second Life? Obviously, I was a bit dazzled by the variety.

But then as I walked past a stall, I noticed a little teacup kitty. He was half hidden by the larger cats, but he definitely caught my eye. With his curled whiskers, soft pink eyes, and stubby little tail, who wouldn’t notice him? And luckily for me, the price was within my grasp.

I hurriedly paid and teleported off with my baby.

Fleming Pic (2) for blogWhen he emerged from his box, I knew I was in love. His name was Fleming, which immediately brought to mind Ian Fleming. As a Bond fan, I definitely wanted to keep his name. And of course, those eyes! Strawberry Bellini eyes, just so wonderful.

Even full grown, he is still the smallest cat in my clowder, and he is truly the quietest cat I’ve ever seen. Fleming sometimes gets lost in the general ruckus of the kitties.

Never fear, though. I scoop him up on my shoulder so that he can safely enjoy the fun.

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