Looking Forward to Being a Fawns Mom

Fawns MomNormally when I log in to Second Life, I see the typical information in chat about the scripts from my AO, hair, jewelry, etc. I watch them scroll past in the chat window and then proceed to check on my kitties.

But the other day I saw a new bit of text when I logged in. I scrolled back up to find it, and lo and behold, it mentioned Fawns. My husband was suspicious, dismissing it as some spam in chat, but I persisted. We checked things out a bit more; then, I went to the website and began to read about this new breedable.

Obviously, I love anything cute, and these little fawns certainly are that. I had to get in on the cuteness.

A dyed-in-the-wool Fennux guy, my husband was a bit dumbfounded by this new addition to the breedables market, but he eventually began to come around as we discussed the features of Fawns as described on the website. Wanting to learn more, I decided to take a trip to the Fawns sim and found it already packed with excited residents.

I walked around a bit, listened to the chat, and read everything that was available at the time. And the cuteness won. I was already imagining fawns frolicking outside my virtual home. As one user said in local chat, “They’re bloody cute!”

Both my husband and I have pre-ordered a pack of fawns. I’m counting the days to the start of the beta and becoming a fawns mom!



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