KittyCatS and Community

Auction Pic for BlogOne thing I honestly never imagined when I was given my first KittyCatS was the close community surrounding these kitties.

Not long after my first kitty was rezzed at my home, I joined the official group, “KittyCatS Addicts.” Having been involved in several online communities, I was impressed by the supportive atmosphere of the group and the willingness to assist newbies. Any kitten, no matter how common, is welcomed and the owner encouraged in their breeding.

I remember times in my real life when I have admitted some interest or quirk to a new friend, and they exclaim, “Me too!” This community seems to have that feeling built in, with each kitty’s owner encouraging another, building enthusiasm through chat and other support.

Although I at first wondered if this feeling was limited to the main group, I have also found it at the auctions that I have attended. I enjoy seeing all of the fabulous kitties–both those up for sale as well as those held by their owners–but I certainly appreciate the company too. I’ve been impressed by the diversity of people, all brought together by their common love of these kitties.

Unlike some real life auctions that I have attended, these virtual ones seem to be generally convivial, with even those losing a bid saying “Well done!” to the winner.

Indeed, although I don’t feel I have much to contribute to the chat or discussion, the fun and supportive atmosphere of the KittyCatS community has been a wonderful surprise, making my time in world to be that much more satisfying.

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