Surprised by Fawns

Cropped Satori and Fawn with textI was out exploring the other day when my husband sent me an IM: “Be ready to receive this!”

With my RL birthday having recently occurred, I had a sneaking suspicion that I knew what “this” might be. He had asked me off and on during the previous week if I had thought about purchasing the 20 Fawns Pack even though we had each already bought a 4 Pack. I admitted that I had thought about it. I mean, with such cuteness ahead, who wouldn’t think about it?

And yes, I was correct. The pre-order for the 20 Fawns Pack was transferred to my account on that day. It was the best present I’ve received in quite awhile, that’s for certain.

Although I love my KittyCatS, I am excited to begin breeding Fawns. They are adorable, and it will be interesting to experience the various features first hand.

We have our forest area ready for our fawns. I am eagerly anticipating their arrival!

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