Where Scifi and Beauty Meet

Scifi and BeautyBored one evening and wanting to make a change, I decided to shop for a mesh head for my avatar. Although I had already purchased a Maitreya body, I was hesitant to buy a mesh head due to the cost. And considering the avatars that I had back when I first started SL, this one was certainly beautiful without anything extra.

Watching the chat in the “Maitreya Lara Friends” group, however, I became curious. The members of the group were excitedly discussing the various options that come with mesh heads, whether expressions, makeup, or simply a better skin tone. Whipped into a shopping frenzy, I decided to take the leap.

One store, I have to admit, was quite overwhelming. It seemed that there were body parts everywhere, allowing the user to mix and match, making a whole avatar to their liking. A fan of the original Twilight Zone, the whole process of making an avatar at this store reminded me of the episode, “I Sing the Body Electric”:

I moved on from there to shop at LeLutka as their mesh heads were recommended by those in the Lara Friends group. Having no idea what a vendor for a mesh head might be, I walked around and around the store. Frustrated, I teleported home, thinking that a break might be in order.

With a bit of research, I found this article and the helpful tip down at the bottom as far as where to find the heads in the store. “Surely I can at least shop for the heads,” I thought. So I went back to their main store.

A bit of looking and deliberation–and purchase of Lindens–and I was the proud owner of a wonderful new mesh head. If only I could make that switch in RL a’la this episode, but anyway…

More research and shopping, and I found some appliers at YourSkin & YourShape. Voila! A new me, just like in Logan’s Run, but without the terror or bloodshed. Just quite a bit of a learning curve for someone like me.




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