Moving UP in the World

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So after some discussion about our plans for selling our breedables and earning lindens for kibble, we decided to move our breedables business from our roadside stand to a skybox. It was difficult to leave our cute little area behind, but our new store will provide a better experience for shopping as well as room to grow in the future.

In case you have a LM to the roadside stand, we have a convenient teleporter set up so that you can easily get to the new skybox store. Teleporting into the store, you will see that the center of the store is dedicated to a Fennux play area. If you’ve never been around Fennux, then you will love these cute little breedables. They are so, so fun! Feel free to stay and watch them as long as you like.

And while you’re watching the Fennux, be sure and say hello to our store kitty, Carmina, the friendliest cat around!

The walls of the first floor are dedicated to KittyCatS! All kitties are arranged by breed. Right now we have Bengal, Siamese, Snowshoe, and Pandie KittyCatS! And those are just a few of the breeds available. I personally love many of the retired furs, so if you’re looking for anything from a White Russian to a Snowshoe Chocolate, then check us out. More kitties will be added to the store soon, so keep checking back to see what new KittyCatS! you might want to take home.

On the upper floor, you will find Fennux for sale. We specialize in mini-Fennux; there are both dens and pets available. These little cuties will be sure to delight you with their playful attitude. And if you’re looking for a neck or scarf pet, then we have many available. They’re just waiting for a good home!

And don’t forget to place your Fawns pre-orders when you’re browsing the Fennux. Now is the time to order so that you can take part in the beta and get early access when the Fawns are released. I find the Fawns super adorable and can’t wait to begin breeding them myself.

We’d love to see you in our store and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. We hope to see you soon!




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