Heaven-Leigh, the New Tiger at The ScratchN Post

Big Tiger_001 cropped with frameWhen I first became a KittyCatS mom, The ScratchN Post was the first secondary market that I found. I walked from store to store, exploring the sim and finding oh-so-many kitties that I would love to take home.

Now, after some time has passed and I have spent many enjoyable hours there attending various auctions, I once again gasped at the beauty of a kitty. Of course, this time the kitty is much, much bigger than the average cat and certainly unique.

Heaven-Leigh is the ¬†gorgeous and benevolent kitty that presides over The ScratchN Post. She is a very special Menagerie tiger who has found an honored place in SL. When the pool is in use, she plays with the water, just as my own RL cats love to do. Or, if the dance floor has been rezzed–as in the photo above–you can imagine her stretching out her paw for a “paw bump” with her admirers.

If you haven’t yet met this grand kitty, then make time for a visit. You won’t regret it!



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