The Seasons Story for Spring: Favorite Finds

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Having seen the article on The Seasons Story for Spring, I was determined to teleport there at some point. For awhile it was quite full, but I finally was able to enter and see it for myself.

My, oh my. I was not disappointed.

The quality of the merchandise was amazing, and the designers had plenty to offer a cat lady like me.

My favorites included a cute dress with a kitty buckle on the belt and matching cardigan, a lovely table with chairs for the cat lover in SL, and a kitty accessory set with bracelets and a working watch.

The dress is wonderfully detailed and comes with a HUD to change the color of the belt and metal style of the buckle. As far as the table and chairs, the chairs have a cat design on the chair back, with paw prints left behind by some fun-loving kitty on the surface of the table. And last but not least, the accessory set has many options available through its HUD, including the option to hide certain bracelets, change the colors of the bands, and more.

I loved this event and all the offerings from the various designers. Definitely worth the time to teleport there as well as the lindens spent for the items.

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