My Kitty, Alexander

Alexander blog postHonestly, I was on a mission.

I had fallen in love with Cream Snowshoe KittyCatS and was desperate to take one home. Searching the secondary markets, though, led to frustration. I found very few Snowshoe kitties, and those that I did find were very, very expensive.

I continued my hunt, however.

And then I happened upon a little store that was literally wallpapered in KittyCatS boxes. There, among the Australian Mist and Chateau cats, was my Alexander. For only 300L, how could I not adopt him? I hurriedly made my purchase and snatched him up in my arms. He was my kitty now!

Alexander is a handsome Cream Snowshoe with Scotty Fold ears and blush shade. And don’t forget the Pewter eyes and Swanky whiskers!

Alexander knows that he is one of my favorites and so is quite a naughty cat. Logging in to SL, I will almost always find him in places that he should not be. He loves to explore and play with the other kitties. As long as he’s safe, I just let him have his fun.

He’s spoiled, but he’s all mine!


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