Branching Out

Garden Sit Cropped with effects and frameBack in the day, the majority of my time in SL was spent either shopping or writing. Although my husband tried to push me to begin scripting at that time, I just wasn’t motivated to do so. Writing was something I already knew, and so I stuck with the low-hanging fruit, so to speak.

Now, though? It’s a bit different.

Trying to sell our breedables has unexpectedly prompted a need to create a few things for our store. Granted, I have no experience with scripting or creating textures, so my stuff is as simple as it can be. But that moment when I see the items in-world and they actually work? Wonderful!

Another thing that has been more of a source of fun than out of necessity is taking pictures. Having no experience with photo editing, I do find putting my pictures online a bit intimidating, especially when I look at the photos from other SL residents with obvious talent and skill. But I’m trying to improve and learn as I go. And if someone likes the pics, so much the better!

It’s all a process and sometimes frustrating. However, I think it’s definitely worth it to learn skills and branch out into new things. Even the missteps become enjoyable once I see the end result and feel that sense of accomplishment for having done something on my own.



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