Relaxing at the Beach

Beach scene_009 cropped and edited with frameSometimes, you just need to get away for a bit.

Although taking a beach vacation in the middle of the Midwest is not really a possibility, it most certainly is a probability in Second Life. A staycation–even one for 30 minutes or so–is doable.

And enjoyable.

So I packed up my gear and teleported to the beach. Luckily, ChiMia at The Gacha Garden made my mini-vacation a bit easier and much more comfortable. With their variety of items available for a bit of beach-going fun, you can’t go wrong!

The Beach Bag is sturdy and yet modern; it is both wearable and rezzable. Too, the Lemonade Can Bucket is highly detailed and a nice added touch to any party, even a party of one.

The Double Beach Lounger and Beach Umbrella provide an awesome way to relax on the beach without getting too much sun. The Lounger is simply amazing as it includes so many poses; no matter your avatar size or clothing, you’re sure to find something to suit you. The Beach Umbrella is lovely and yet functional, with a filigree-type base.

And for the final addition to my gear, the Beach Sunglasses would be perfect with a bikini or sundress, or whatever you might choose!

After a bit of time on the beach, I came back with a sunnier attitude. A staycation is definitely worth your time!

Credits and Resources 

ChiMia – The Beach Bum Gacha – Gacha Garden May ’16

ChiMia at The Gacha Garden

ChiMia :: Main Store

ChiMia Marketplace Store

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