Moving Up in the World, Again

Satori in studio 2 cropped and edited with frameTaking pictures in Second Life has become a new favorite pastime. It is just truly enjoyable to think up a concept, set the scene, find the right lighting, and so on. I’ll admit that it can sometimes be frustrating–especially due to my lack of any training in this area–but I love being able to see a finished photo and have that feeling of accomplishment.

With a house full of KittyCatS, though, it can be difficult to find some open space. I love my kitties, but I really needed some extra room.

So with a bit of prim reshuffling, I was able to have my own studio. My own studio, wow! How things change, especially in our virtual world.

I just had to share a picture of where I’ll be taking my pictures, for the most part. It’s the Art Space Skybox from Schultz Bros., and it is only 10 LI, which is great to allow room for a bit of decorating. And, of course, lots and lots of kitty pictures. It’s beautiful, though, as well as practical. I love the wooden floors and the many windows.

By the way, Schultz Bros. is the company who created our skybox store. We absolutely love that skybox as well. It is spacious and just perfect for our needs. To see our store in-world, click here.

Honestly, I feel very lucky today. My own space and yet I can still have my KittyCatS. What a way to begin the weekend!

Credits and Resources 

Art Space Skybox from Schultz Bros.

Xandra Chair + Blanket, Xandra Floor Lamp, and Framed Art from Trompe Loeil



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