Loving KittyCatS and Lovely Decor

Satori and Obi on Couch cropped with edits and frameObi is a good kitty.

One of the kittens from my very first pair of KittyCatS, he is an elegant Chocolate Siamese with striking eyes and a subtle shade. And unlike some of his brothers and sisters, he’s not usually naughty.

Honestly, I just adore this little guy. I admit that I become attached to some of my KittyCatS. Some are just special, and Obi is one of them. He’s been providing me with beautiful kittens for over two months now, and he’s never caused any trouble whatsoever. Plus, he’s just doggone cute.

Did I just say “doggone” in relation to a cat? Yes, yes I did!

So we decided to take a break today and do a little photo shoot. When you have a handsome cat like Obi, why wouldn’t you want to take lots of pictures?

So I dressed up a bit and made sure Obi was ready for his date with internet stardom. Finally, I got things ready to take the picture, putting out all of my favorite furnishings and decor. Obi deserves only the best!

The Shabby Daybed from ChiMia was just perfect for this mommy and kitty photo. There’s plenty of room for both of us, and it looks so good in my skybox, like it was made just for this purpose. And don’t forget the House Plant from their Hello Spring Gacha. So detailed and lifelike. The ChiMia products are also practical in that they are low LI, which is great if you’re trying to save on prims.

(And if you’re on a budget with your lindens too, all ChiMia products are very reasonable.)

The wall art and Cookie Bear are from Sway’s. The wall art came as part of their subscriber gift package, and the Cookie Bear from a gacha. Obviously, both were good bargains and darling additions to any inventory.

Finally, the Retro Hanging Lamp from Brocante was purchased on a Fifty Linden Fridays buying spree. It has some great color change options, and I love the retro feel.

Do I love my KittyCatS? Yes, I do. Although very different from my real life cats, they’re still special. And since they don’t scratch the furniture–unlike their real-life counterparts–I can afford to decorate with some lovely things.

Credits and Resources

Shabby Daybed from ChiMia

House Plant from ChiMia‘s Hello Spring Gacha

Wall Art and Cookie Bear from Sway’s

Retro Hanging Lamp from Brocante





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