Lost & Found, and Back Again

Even better blog pic cropped with and edited and frameI suppose that the desire to find lost treasures is in my blood. Having regularly sought out garage sales in real life since I can remember, I know the thrill of finding that certain something beneath a layer of dust and disuse.

Luckily–at least for those of us with allergies–there is no dust in Second Life. But shoppers can rejoice in the opening of Lost & Found today. Lovely vintage and retro furnishings and attire can be found at this event.

And for those of us who enjoy country-ish decor, ChiMia has offered shoppers a Blackboard Organizer that is exclusive to the event but will be available at their main store afterwards. It is one LI but exquisitely detailed and would certainly be a wonderful addition to an SL home.

There are so many beautiful items to be discovered at Lost & Found. Those eager and willing to do a bit of searching will be sure to find something just perfect at the event.

Credits and Resources

ChiMia’s Blackboard Organizer at Lost & Found

LISP’s Ygritte Reclaimed Privacy Screen – White Wood

Table from Collection of Cute Furniture Tables from Mushilu, Purchased at Whimsical

Meli Heart Bowls, Pile of Books, Lucy Country Plates Crate, Lucy Country Chair, Lost in Time Rug, Lost in Time Behave Frame, and Lost in Time Hanger – All Purchased from Gachas at Serenity Style

Serenity Style‘s Country Cushions Drawer, Part of the Country Drawers Set

Henley Rug from {what next]

Long Cream Fairy Curtains from +Half-Deer+

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