Steaming Up My Second Life

Final bathtub pic with frame

Sometimes you just have to take a break and get away from things. There are many places in Second Life for a little staycation, but I honestly just needed some quiet time to think. But what’s a nerdy girl to do when she needs some peace and quiet in SL?

Perhaps some of you remember the old Calgon commercials? In SL we may not have Calgon, but we do have the Steampunk Bathtub from ChiMia. This bathtub has an interesting antique texture, and the bathtub itself has so many options, including water as well as single and couple poses.

If you love Steampunk literature, then this bathtub will certainly interest you. And with only 8LI, how could you go wrong?

I couldn’t resist trying it out today, just for a bit. Now back to the real world, ready to take on whatever challenges SL (or RL) might bring.

Credits and Resources

Steampunk Bathtub from ChiMia

Bottle Terrarium from ChiMia, Purchased from Gacha

Pile of Books from Serenity Style, Purchased from Gacha

Art Nouveau Side Table from Hare Couture

Modular Mesh Pipe Kit from VL Designs

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