Growing and Expanding

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It seems to be the slow time of the year for Second Life. As the temperatures grow warmer, SL gets quieter. It’s totally understandable, of course. If I had access to a beach or some place similar, I would be out and about as well.

With little happening in SL, I’m working a bit harder to get Cute & Cuddly Breedables out there, and that includes expanding to new locations.

It’s a leap of faith, of course, to rent stores and stalls in various markets. I’m determined, though, and still enjoying the challenges of selling breedables in Second Life.

So if you’re looking for cute KittyCatS or Fennux–and someday Fawns as well–then look for our locations in Second Life. Stop and chat for a bit if you like. We’d love to see you around.

All Cute & Cuddly Breedables Locations

C&CB Main Store

C&CB @ Adorable Pets

C&CB @ Puss N’ Hooves

C&CB @ The ScratchN Post

C&CB @ Secret Smile




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