Everything Old Is New Again

ChiMia Vintage with frameAlthough the Vintage Fair won’t be opening until June 10, here is a sneak peek at the products from ChiMia that you will find at the fair.

The Vintage Shell Armchair, along with the Old Parts Wall Art and Radio Phone Wall Art, would be perfect for a “man cave” in Second Life. With their masculine feel and nod to the history of technology, they are interesting alternatives to the more typical furniture that can be found elsewhere.

The Art Deco Lamp and Vintage Side Table have a bit more of a feminine appeal and yet remind one of days gone by. The former is even a working lamp and can be turned on or off with a mouse click.

As an additional bonus, there are various color options for both the wall art and the armchair so that you can choose what best fits your style and taste.

If you love furnishings with historical flair, then definitely check out ChiMia at the Vintage Fair, beginning on June 10. And if you can’t make it to the fair in time, never fear! The products will be available at the ChiMia Main Store after the event is over.

Credits and Resources

ChiMia‘s Vintage Shell Armchair, Old Parts Wall Part, Radio Phone Wall Art, Vintage Side Table, and Art Deco Lamp, Available at the Vintage Fair from June 10th-26th and afterwards and the ChiMia Main Store

ChiMia’s Bottle Terrarium and House Plant, Purchased from Gacha at ChiMia’s Main Store

Greenwich Rug from {what next}

Serenity Style‘s Pile of Books, Purchased from Gacha at their main store



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