Delightful Kitty Treats

Fiona and treats with frameDesigners have been tempting me a lot lately. This goes especially for +Half-Deer+, one of my favorite creators in SL. I pretty much run to purchase any new items that are released, and that goes double if they’re kitty themed.

When I saw the ad for the Purrfect Patisserie that would be at The Arcade this month, I knew my lindens would be flying out of my purse. Literally. Although I normally won’t toss tons of lindens into a Gacha, I will do so for +Half-Deer+ because practically anything they make is just so adorable.

Did I mention that everything in this Gacha was cat themed?

After several pulls on the Purrfect Patisserie Gacha, I happened to see the cutest little coffee treat from Le Primitif. And do you know that I got it on the first try? How lucky was that?

Fiona wanted to have her own photo shoot today, and so I decided throw her a little party. But she looks a little perplexed as to what treat she should choose first! With the Magical Milkshake, Neko Donuts, and Kiti Cappuccion before her, I can certainly understand her dilemma.

Still, it was a fun time for all, both kitty and avi. I might just have to drink that Cat-puccino myself.

Credits and Resources

Kiti Cappuccion from Le Primitif, Purchased from Gacha at The Arcade

Magical Milkshake and Neko Donut Display from +Half-Deer+, Purchased from Gacha at The Arcade

Cat Lady Garden Chair and Table from +Half-Deer+



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