Nerdy Girls and Geektopia

Nerdy Satori Final with frameGrowing up in various small towns, I thought I must be the only female scifi fan in the universe. Most people I knew were into country music and getting ready for marriage and family.

Me? I was examining the themes of “Darmok” and dreaming about space travel.

Way before the prevalence of the internet and years before Second Life, it was a bit more difficult to find fellow Star Trek fans who genuinely understood the delight of being a Trekker. Luckily, I was able to attend a few conventions back in the 1980’s–I have many, many fun memories from those events.

Since then, being a “fan girl” is normal, and scifi has become insanely popular. And–somewhat surprisingly–technology has become such a dominant force in my life. Working online, communicating online, and socializing online…things I would have never imagined back when I first saw Darth Vader’s famous entrance in 1977. (I may be dating myself a bit there.)

Second Life provides numerous ways to interact with fellow fans and technology-minded residents. And if you want to do a bit of shopping? Try Geektopia!

ChiMia has some great offerings at Geektopia this year. The event runs from June 19-July 3, but here’s a sneak peek.

First, there are some out-of-this-world Galaxy Nail Appliers. And don’t forget the Geek Knee Socks with various colors available. Both have support for Maitreya, Omega, and Slink, with the latter also providing options for classic avatars.

So enjoy Geektopia this year, and don’t forget to check out ChiMia while you’re there. There will be lots of fun to be had and plenty of geeky items to add to your inventory. Hope to see you there!

Credits and Resources

Galaxy Nail Appliers and Geek Knee Socks from ChiMia at Geektopia

Kitty Bracelets from RealEvil Industries 

Ring with Couple Hearts from Meli Imako

Mesh Style Spectacles from Meli Imako

Small Hoop Earrings from ~Soedara~

Baby Short ~Frayed~ from Neve by coldLogic

Knots Top ~Lively~ from Neve by coldLogic

Drew Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills

November Chair [Pack 02] from Purple Poses

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