Relaxing a Bit

Satori on Raft with FrameLife has been…well, complicated. I needed some time away, and so I packed up some things and went to a nice little quiet place to think.

You know what? I came to a conclusion today. No matter how tough things get, there’s always something that I can be grateful for. And I’m going to be happy, in spite of everything and everyone.

What’s on my (shopping) gratitude list for today?

ChiMia’s Raft Dock would be at the top of that list, for starters. It’s spacious and would be perfect for a party. And it’s available now at the ChiMia Main Store during 20Twenty. During the event, it will be 20% off. If you happen to miss the sale, then never fear! It will be sold as usual at the main store and on the marketplace afterwards.

Items on my (non-shopping) gratitude list? Perhaps my realization about happiness today would be number one. The rest I’ll leave for you to guess.

Take some time today to relax and get away for a bit. You’ll be glad you did.

Credits and Resources

ChiMia’s Raft Dock, Lemonade Can Bucket, Beach Bag, and Navy Striped Towel, available at the ChiMia Main Store

Neve by coldLogic’s Baby Short ~Frayed~

Neve by coldLogic’s Knots Top ~Lively~

California Sandals from REIGN, purchased on FLF from Main Store

Drew Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills, purchased at Main Store

Kitty Bracelet from RealEvil Industries

Kitty Anklet from KC | Couture

Meli Imako’s Mesh Ring with Couple Hearts

Meli Imako’s Mesh Style Spectacles

Small Hoop Earrings from ~Soedara~

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