Searching for Serenity


Abbott in Kitchen with frameWhen real life is filled with drama, Second Life becomes a refuge, providing some peace for a moment or two. Simple pleasures, such as a warm kitchen and a loving kitty, have a way of soothing my mind, even when it’s in an uproar.

ChiMia provides some serenity with their Serenity Kitchen Gacha for The Gacha Guardians event. The pieces are highly detailed with a retro feel. This classic kitchen set would set an inviting tone for any SL home.

The Gacha Guardians event starts today, and you can begin playing the gacha at ChiMia’s Main Store. The Serenity Apartment is the special “Gift of the Guardians” prize.

Real life may be chaotic, but my Second Life can be full of serenity, just for a little while.

Credits and Resources

Serenity Range Cooker, Serenity Kitchen Unit, Serenity Butler Sink, Serenity Splashback Tiles, Serenity Plate Shelf from ChiMia for the The Gacha Guardians event

Painted Log Slice – Artist at Heart and Painted Log Slice – Good Morning from +Half-Deer+

Conrad Rug – TypeB Pink from BALACLAVA!!

Victoria Sponge Cake and Maison Drapes from {what next}

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