Thrill of the Hunt

Thrill of the HuntI happened to be watching the chat in the KittyCats Addicts group today when a resident mentioned Treasure Quest. I was honestly intrigued by making some lindens in a game, so I grabbed a player’s hud and gave it a try.

Using the hud is super easy, and it’s honestly quite fun to look for the coins. Unfortunately I didn’t have a whole bunch of time to play today, but I could see that I would enjoy it.

Based on this experience as a player, I decided to provide C&CB shoppers with the option to hunt while they’re looking for KittyCatS, Fennux, and eventually Fawns.

I’m still learning about the game and getting things set up correctly, but I hope this will add a bit of fun to everyone’s day when they visit our store. So be sure and drop by, and maybe you’ll find you also enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

Click here to teleport to C&CB!

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