A Little about Real Life

Satori at Window with frameYes, I’m still around. It’s been quite a month or so.

A biopsy back in July confirmed that I have breast cancer again. My first diagnosis was 12 years ago at age 31.

My first go-around with cancer was relatively simple with lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. This time it’s a bit more complicated and serious.

Currently undergoing chemo, with surgery to follow. I look a bit like a cyborg–according to my husband–with my port implant. That and a nerdy version of Lieutenant Ilia.

Surgery and possibly more treatment will come later.

So this blog is still active. It just may not be quite as active as before.

Anyway, back to Second Life. Have a good day, friends.


Credits and Resources

Maison Drapes from {what next}

Rattan Woven Chair [white] from Soy

Super long Hanging Hedera from Soy

Potted Cheese Plant [White] from Soy

Pile of Books from Serenity Style

Koko Half Crop Top [Pink] from Blueberry

Sylvia Pants [Black] from Blueberry

+Half-Deer+ Sweet Dream Slippers [Cat-Grey]

+Half-Deer+ NEKOlace [Calico]

Ring with Couple Hearts from Meli Imako

Mesh Style Spectacles from Meli Imako

Hoop Earrings Small from ~Soedara~

Leopard Bandanna, Purchased at Hair Fair 2016


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