Satori on Chair with frameIntroverts like myself are good at thinking (and possibly overthinking) things. Now that I’m unemployed in real life, I have a lot of time to ponder everything.

The Overtime Chair from ChiMia is the perfect place to do some heavy thinking and reading. It is realistic and stylish with plenty of poses for both males and females. And it’s now available at the Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town. After the event, it will be at the ChiMia main store for purchase.

Definitely grab this chair for your SL home. You’ll be glad you did!

Credits and Resources

Overtime Chair [coffee] from ChiMia, Available for Purchase at Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town

Maison Drapes (long length) from {what next}

Potted Cheese Plant [White], Super long Hanging Hedera, and Water-Mushroom w/ Moss Ball from Soy

Rosa Pallet Shelf and Pair of Candles from {what next}

Pile of Books from Serenity Style

Tina Sweater and Shorts from Fame Femme, Purchased at Lost and Found

Sylvie Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills

Necklace with Couple Hearts, Chain Bracelet with Heart Pendant, Ring with Couple Hearts, and Mesh Style Spectacles from Meli Imako

Hoop Earrings Small from ~Soedara~

Delphi Heels from KC | Couture

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