Letting Go

satori-with-direction-sign-lighter-with-frameI’ve seen memes lately expressing the idea that autumn is the season of “letting go.” Like those trees whose leaves change to vibrant colors and then fall to the ground, we too must often face seasons of change and loss.

This has been such a season for me, both in RL and SL. Major life changes in RL, including cancer treatment and surgery, and losses in SL of favorite projects and communities. Ir has been difficult, to say the least.

Sometimes we have to trust that the next step we take will bring brighter things. Even if the future is unknown–and truthfully, a bit scary–letting go, like the falling of leaves in autumn, is inevitable and often necessary.

And sometimes even having the courage to take that next step is all we need. One day at a time.

Credits and Resources

Photo taken at It All Starts with a Smile

Neve Pant – Artist Corduroy by Neve by coldLogic

Neve Top – Sawyer Plaid by Neve by coldLogic

Aurora Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills, Purchased at FaMESHed

LUX Cross Necklace by RealEvil Industries

Ring with Couple Hearts by Meli Imako

Mesh Style Spectacles from Meli Imako

Small Hoop Earrings by ~Soedara~

Sydney Booties – Oxblood by Ingenue

Hope, Faith, and Love Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

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