Fall into Change


This is definitely a season of change for me, both in RL and SL. Wanting to insert a bit of the positive into this time of my life, I decided to redo my SL home and purchase lovely new clothing.

Gone is the modern home in favor of a Victorian-esque one from Dust Bunny. It is spacious and detailed but still lower LI than most homes. And who couldn’t begin a new season without additions to their wardrobe from Neve by coldLogic? Modest and yet fashionable, this outfit will definitely be one that I wear often.

Now that everything’s in place, I’m heading to the kitchen to make a bit more coffee. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Credits and Resources

Wildrose Manor from Dust Bunny

Green Wild Grass from Little Branch

Neve Legging – Zeezee Neutral from Neve by coldLogic

Neve Outfit – Slipped Neutral from Neve by coldLogic

Nahia Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills

LUX Cross Necklace from RealEvil Industries

Ring with Couple Hearts from Meli Imako

Small Hoop Earrings from ~Soedara~

Devianna Heels from KC | Couture

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