ChiMia at The Crossroads Event in December


Are you an aspiring writer in Second Life? Or do you simply love vintage decor?

ChiMia will bring a lovely vintage furniture set to The Crossroads in December, and you get a sneak peek at ChiMia’s Adelaide collection! The set includes a writing desk, typewriter, and chair. They all have an antique feel with high quality texturing and fine details. The chair includes multiple sit animations that will surely suit almost any avatar’s needs.

The Crossroads event opens on December 3rd and runs through the 28th. If you don’t happen to stop by the event during that time, the Adelaide set will be available at the ChiMia Main Store afterwards.

Definitely stop by ChiMia at The Crossroads Event this December. You’ll be glad you did!

Credits and Resources

Adelaide Writing Desk, Typewriter, and Chair from ChiMia

Toasty Space Heater (Brown), Farnham Rug, and Pine Tree Wall Decal from {what next}

Love Marquee from Tarte

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