SL Christmas Expo Vendor Spotlight: Outside the Box!


The holidays not only bring shopping but also outdoor fun, such as sledding and making snowmen. And that includes virtual snowmen too!

Outside the Box! has brought It’s Snow Fun to the SL Christmas Expo. This piece of outdoor decor includes a snowman, pile of snowballs, and sled on top of a snow base. The snowman includes animations for both singles and couples. It’s Snow Fun would make a perfect addition to any winter-y sim.

So stop by Outside the Box! at the SL Christmas Expo this year!

Important Links

Outside the Box!

SL Christmas Expo SLURL 

SL Christmas Expo Main Website

SL Christmas Expo Facebook Page

Credits and Resources

Photo Taken at Winter Trace

It’s Snow Fun from Outside the Box!

Veronica Outfit from Hilly Haalan

Drew Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills

Mesh Style Spectacles from Meli Imako

Small Hoop Earrings from ~Soedara~

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