Celebrate Christmas with ChiMia


Looking for some Yule-tide decor to brighten up your SL home? Well, ChiMia may have just what you need at the Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event, starting today!

ChiMia’s Yule Fireplace would be a lovely addition to your SL home over the holidays. It has everything from a Yule banner to Christmas presents. The texturing and thought put into this piece of decor are wonderful.

So don’t miss out on picking up the Yule Fireplace from ChiMia! It will be available at Cosmopolitan from December 5-17. After the event, you can purchase it in the ChiMia main store.

Important Links

ChiMia Main Store

Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event

Credits and Resources

Yule Fireplace from ChiMia

Winter’s Cottage RARE, Christmas Wall Collage (size 1), Christmas Cookie Box,  Christmas Time Alarm Clock, Christmas Gift Box Tower,  Christmas Gift Box (Merry Xmas), and Christmas Gift Box (Gingerbread) from {what next}

Mini Christmas Tree from Dust Bunny

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