Joy, Peace, and Happiness from :North Moon:


From December 14-25, :North Moon: is celebrating Yule-mas with gifts for :North Moon: members!

The :North Moon: group is free to join, and you will definitely be happy each day during the Yule-mas fun! Each day, simply go to the :North Moon: Main Store and look under the Christmas tree for your gift. Each day’s item will be priced from L$1-L$5, with a few items that are totally free! Only members of the :North Moon: group will be able to grab the goodies, but don’t forget that the group is free to join.

You will still be able to purchase the items after Christmas. They will be available at the :North Moon: Main Store at the full price.

Today’s gift, the Rustic Holiday Sign, is Day 7 of the Yule-mas Celebration! So be sure and get over to :North Moon: to get in on the holiday fun!

Important Links

:North Moon: Main Store

:North Moon: Rustic Holiday Sign on Flickr

:North Moon: Facebook Group

Credits and Resources

Photo Taken in Winter Trace

Rustic Holiday Sign by :North Moon:

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