Get Cozy in the New Year with Cwtch


Are you crafty in RL and would like decor for your SL home that reflects your hobbies? Or maybe you just want some cute and colorful items to spruce up your home during the winter?

Cwtch may have something just for you with their Wool Themed Decor. This set includes three framed prints as well as a blanket and cushion set, all original mesh and artwork. Such unique items and so wonderful! If you enjoy knitting or crocheting in RL, then you’re going to love Cwtch’s Wool Themed Decor.

This set will be part of the Ball of Yarn Hunt that begins on January 7th and runs through February 1st. All items for the hunt will be 1L. You can find out more about the hunt on the Pounce Hunts main site. To start the fun on January 7th, click here for the Ball of Yarn Hunt Start Location.

Let’s begin the new year with some cozy fun!

Credits and Resources

Wool Themed Decor by Cwtch

LOVE, Pile of Letters, and Sewing Table – White by Kalopsia

[Penguin] Planter. Flower by Sway’s

Round End Table and Pom Pom Blanket by Dust Bunny

:CP: Annabelle Unicorn Chair (PG) by Cheeky Pea

Catface Rug (Texture Change) by +Half-Deer+

Neve Pant – Artist Denim by Neve by coldLogic

Katelyn Sweater by Hilly Haalan

Drew Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills

Ring with Couple Hearts by Meli Imako

Celestine Heart Earrings by Maxi Gossamer Jewellery

Mesh Style Spectacles by Meli Imako

Kyra Boots by KC | Couture

Important Links

Cwtch Main Store

Cwtch’s Wool Themed Decor on Flickr

Cwtch on the Marketplace

Cwtch Website

Pounce Hunts Main Site

Ball of Yarn Hunt Start Location


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