Decorate Your Home with ChiMia


Love furniture and gacha? Well, definitely check out ChiMia at The Gacha Garden in February.

The Knightsbridge collection is a truly cozy collection with a classical touch. The armchair comes in both Leather and Cream colors, and the couch is plush beyond belief. They will be sure to give you a comfy place to relax in SL after a hard day. And the coffee table and fireplace add a bit of elegance to any SL home.

The Knightsbridge Loft is an extra-exclusive prize that is won when the gacha is played 20 times. It is a spacious home with detailed texturing and two large rooms connected by a hallway. This item will be retired after the event.

The Gacha Garden opened on February 1st and will run through February 28th. In case you are unable to stop by The Gacha Garden in February, the Knightsbridge collection–excluding the Loft–will be available in the ChiMia Main Store after the event is over.

Enjoy the color and fun of The Gacha Garden this month, and don’t forget to stop by ChiMia’s Gacha while you’re there!

Important Links

ChiMia Main Store

ChiMia Blog

ChiMia Facebook Page

ChiMia Flickr Group

Knightsbridge Gacha on Flickr

Knightsbridge Loft on Flickr

The Gacha Garden SLURL

The Gacha Garden Website

Credits and Resources

Knightsbridge Sofa, Knightsbridge Armchair (Cream), Knightsbridge Coffee Table, Knightsbridge Fireplace, and Knightsbridge Loft from ChiMia

Conrad Rug – TypeB Beige from BALACLAVA!!

Jacob Bookcase with books (2li version) Natural from LISP

Life Is Beautiful Chalk Frame, Shot Through the Heart, Open Book, Book Clutter, and Sparkle Wall Frame from Floorplan

Side Table / Cream from Brocante

Pair of Candles from {what next}

15. Our Secret Hideout – Magic Box and 13. Our Secret Hideout – Crate of Wisdom from 8f8

Super Long Hanging Hedera, Potted Traveler’s Palm Tree [Gray], and Potted Cheese Plant [White] from Soy

Dark Heart Lantern from Kalopsia

Love Pugs 14. Brindle Wanderer from JIAN

Lova Outfit from Hilly Haalan

Fleur Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills

Love Catcher Heart Necklace and Earrings from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery



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