Lounging in Elegance with ::NEWCHURCH::


Looking for a new piece of furniture that will be sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day as well as your SL home?  :: NEWCHURCH:: has something just for you at the On9 Event this month.

The gorgeous Daphne Chaise Lounge is both elegant and modern. It comes with a PG as well as an Adult version, the latter of which may truly add some extra fun to nights with your sweetie. There are both single and couple poses, the variety of which will surely provide something for everyone.

And the chaise is fully customizable by clicking on the side or back bolsters and choosing one of twelve colors. The pillows can also be changed separately to the various colors by clicking on each one. The Daphne Chaise Lounge is so versatile and would be a wonderful addition to any SL home.

The Daphne Chaise is available exclusively this month, beginning February 9, at On9.

Important Links

On9 Event SLURL

:: NEWCHURCH :: Main Store

:: NEWCHURCH :: Flickr Group

:: NEWCHURCH :: Facebook Page

Daphne Chaise, PG on Flickr

Daphne Chaise, Adult on Flickr

Credits and Resources

Daphne Chaise, PG by :: NEWCHURCH ::

Photography Background [#3] by L’Etre

Rose Bouquet in Vase // Love & Passion and Rose Bouquet // Love & Passion by NOMAD

The 13th Star – Dark, Standing Bulb Lamp Black – Midi, Standing Bulb Lamp Black – Mini, Shimmer Stars in a Jar, Trunk Drawer – Dark, and Big Black Book by [ keke ]

Pair of Candles by {what next}

Triangle Table by Fancy Decor

Almila Belted Dress by Hilly Haalan

Gwen Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills

Love Catcher Heart Necklace and Earrings by Maxi Gossamer Jewellery

Ring with Couple Hearts by Meli Imako

Lucy Heels by KC | Couture

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