Spring into Decorating with ::NEWCHURCH::

Newchurch Tufted Bed with frame

Looking for a plush addition to your SL home? Then ::NEWCHURCH:: definitely has something for you!

The Celeste Tufted Bed, both adult and PG versions, are currently available at the bi-weekly Cosmopolitan Event. The bed is menu driven, allowing you to change easily the colors of the headboard and linens. Additionally, the Celeste Tufted Bed is modifiable so that you can resize if needed.

This ::NEWCHURCH:: item is available exclusively through March 11th at the Cosmopolitan Event. Don’t miss out on purchasing this beautiful bed!

Important Links

::NEWCHURCH:: Main Store

:: NEWCHURCH :: Flickr Group

:: NEWCHURCH :: Facebook Page

Celeste Tufted Bed (Adult) on Flickr

Celeste Tufted Bed (PG) on Flickr

Cosmopolitan Event SLURL

Credits and Resources

Celeste Tufted Bed (Adult) from ::NEWCHURCH::

Backyard Retreat from *Funky*Junk*

Firefly Vine – Green – Horz. (Mirror), Mini Piggy – Rolling Around (Pink), and Mini Piggy – Sprawled (Spotted) from +Half-Deer+

‘Hello Spring’ Wreath Framed and ‘Emma’ Tulips Bouquet (White) from {what next}

Star Marquee, Lemon Tree (White Pot), and Pillow Basket (Silver) from Tarte

Sewing Table – White and Pile of Letters from Kalopsia

Rug 43. Trellis Viridian from [ keke ] 

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