Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me now with frame

As the old Verizon commercial was famous for saying, “Can you hear me now?”

:North Moon: has a fun new set of poses for you. The Talk Is Cheap Pose Set is perfect for an urban setting or perhaps one where you’re simply looking for a signal in the wilds of SL.

The pose set is available in the :North Moon: Main Store or on the Marketplace. The fat pack of four poses is only L$150. :North Moon: Group Members can get the set for only L$75 in the main store until April 29th.

So get in touch with someone today with the new pose set from :North Moon:!

Important Links

:North Moon: Main Store

North Moon: on Facebook

:North Moon: on Flickr

Talk is Cheap Pose Set on Flickr

Talk is Cheap Pose Set on Marketplace

Credits and Resources

Photo Taken in Tres Chic

Talk is Cheap Pose #2 from :North Moon:

Sue – Belted Dress from .:The Beautiful Ones:.

Richelle Mesh Hair from Elikatira

Carmilla (Lelutka Applier) Europa from Glam Affair

Annette Chain Bracelet, Earrings, and Necklace from Maxi Gossamer Jewellery

Anaco Heels from KC | Couture



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