Cozy Up Your Second Life with Zen Creations

Zen Creations Tea with frame

When RL becomes a bit tough to handle, I’ll often seek refuge in Second Life. And decorating my home with cozy furnishings is one of my favorite ways to create a relaxing virtual space for myself.

One of my most-liked creators for decor is Zen Creations. Their Afternoon Tea set as well as the home-y decor is just perfect for furnishing my SL getaway. The Afternoon Tea Set comes with a color and resize HUD that allows you to customize the chairs, table, tea set, and lamp with various textures. And with multiple sits for each chair as well as the ability to resize the furniture, this set would be perfect for any avatar or Second Life home.

Definitely stop by Zen Creations and take a look at what they have to offer. You’ll be sure to find that something special for your own Second Life home.

Important Links

Zen Creations Main Store

Zen Creations Website

Zen Creations on the Marketplace

Zen Creations Facebook Page

Zen Creations on Flickr

Home Deco on Marketplace

Credits and Resources

Home Deco, “Afternoon Tea” Chair 2, “Afternoon Tea” Standing Lamp, “Afternoon Tea” Table, “Afternoon Tea” Cup & Saucer, and “Afternoon Tea” Pot from Zen Creations

Bordeaux Cottage from [Schultz Bros.]

Sunflowers {Field}, Oak Island {Seasons} *Small* Animated, and Oak Wood {Seasons} from Little Branch

Frame with Trees Light (A-type) from Bitter Vanilla

Fiona Hall Tree, White (Decor) from ::NEWCHURCH::

Winter Tote Bag (a) from Ionic

Pothos Plant (Stand), House Plant – Eucalyptus, and Swiss Cheese Plant from {what next}

Wicker Rug – Gift from [ zerkalo ] 

Splendid Spaniels 10. Blenheim Wanderer from JIAN

Open Book from Floorplan

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