Spice Up Your Second Life with :North Moon:

North Moon Spice Rack with frame

:North Moon: has something new that will spice up your SL home!

The All about Them Herbs Wall Decor is a highly detailed piece of decor that includes shelf, photo, herbs, and more. It would be perfect in your kitchen or above a fireplace. The decor is available both on the Marketplace and in the :North Moon: Main StoreAnd it’s only L$75!

Definitely pick up this new offering from :North Moon:. It will be sure to add some fun to your SL life.

Important Links

:North Moon: Main Store

North Moon: on Facebook

:North Moon: on Flickr

All about Them Herbs Wall Decor on Flickr

All about Them Herbs Wall Decor on Marketplace

Credits and Resources

All about Them Herbs Wall Decor from :North Moon:

Bordeaux Cottage from [Schultz Bros.]

Lace Straight Curtains – White 1 and Lace Straight Curtains – Bar to Use from Knick Knacks

11. Our Secret Hideout – Bird Spot, 08. Our Secret Hideout – Butterly Light, and 09. Our Secret Hideout – Butterfly Gift from 8f8

Metal Branches Wall Lamp from Botanical

Frame with Trees Light (A-type) and Aroma Stick (Natural) Rose from Bitter Vanilla

Thistle Book Stack with Photos from Thistle Homes

Robin Nest. Natural from Dust Bunny

Palma Stack of Books and Pair of Candles from {what next}

Bucket of Tulips from .:Revival:.

Throw Rug / Woven from Brocante

“Afternoon Tea” Table from Zen Creations

Poppy’s Chair from Kalopsia

Curiosity Bell Jar – Egg, Curiosity Bust – Here, and Curiosity Bell Jar – Dragonfly Green from [ keke ]

4. Apple Fall Blanket Curio from Apple Fall

[Enchanted Branch] Shelf, [Enchanted Branch] Stool, and [Enchanted Branch] Table from Sway’s

Quartz Collection, Pears, Butterflies Towards the Moon, and Inguz Rune (Walnut) from SPELL

Hanging Moon Phases [Silver] from Ionic



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