Summer Home

Santorini House with frame

Looking for a new home for the summer season? Well, Your Dreams may have something just for you at the Tres Chic Event.

The Santorini House comes in three different sizes, and so you will be sure to find a house to fit your land requirements. It is stylish and open, allowing for summer breezes to fill your SL.

So definitely check out the Santorini House from Your Dreams at Tres Chic!

Important Links

Your Dreams Main Store

Your Dreams on the Marketplace

Your Dreams Facebook Page

Your Dreams on Flickr

Tres Chic Event SLURL

Credits and Resources

Houses of Santorini – House Medium from Your Dreams

Wild Crocus Lilac – Many, Wild Crocus Saffron – Many, and Little Tree – Summer from [keke]

Summer Garden Hanging Planter 1, Summer Garden Hanging Planter 2, Summer Garden Planter, and Palma Lantern (Medium) – White from {what next}

Chicken Collection :: Wanderer and Scruffy Shepherds 10. Wanderer Tan Black from Jian

White Baby Bird – Medium Group from +Half-Deer+

[Stony] Stepping Stone – L and [Stony] Stepping Stone – Line from Sway’s

Wild Grass * 1Li {Green}, Bouton d’or Lavender {Field}, Blooming Tree {Pink}, Bouton d’or Yellow {Field}, Bouton d’or Lavender {Rounded-Field}, Honey Tree v2 {4 Seasons}, and Blooming Tree {Lavender} * Small from Little Branch

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