New Exclusive from ::NEWCHURCH::

Newchurch Curio Cabinet with frame

Looking for something new to add to your SL home? Look no further than ::NEWCHURCH:: at The Chapter Four this month!

The Emmy Curio Cabinet is a piece of highly detailed decor that comes in both White-Painted Pine and Walnut. And the door to the cabinet opens with a click of the mouse. This cabinet is perfect to keep all of your precious little virtual items!

So stop by ::NEWCHURCH:: at The Chapter Four today!

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Emmy Curio Cabinet in White-Painted Pine on Flickr

Emmy Curio Cabinet in Walnut on Flickr

The Chapter Four SLURL

Credits and Resources

Emmy Curio Cabinet, White-Painted Pine from ::NEWCHURCH::

Peonies – Red, Curiosity Bell Jar – Egg, Curiosity Bell Jar – Dragonfly Green, Curiosity Bust – Now,  Glass Vase w Magnolias – Pink,  Small Glass Side Table – White,  Rug 43. Trellis Viridian,  Standing Bulb Lamp White – Maxi, and Standing Bulb Lamp White – Midi from [keke] 

Terrace Coffee Cup 1 (Steam), Terrace Coffee Cup 2 (Steam), and Palma Stack of Books from {what next}

Quartz Collection from SPELL

Who Knows (Static) from NOMAD

Open Book from Floorplan

Love Pugs 14. Brindle Wanderer from JIAN

Posey Painting, Posey Sofa, Book Tray, and Moon Table from {Petite Maison}

Bouton d’or Yellow {Field} and OakIsland {Seasons} *Small* Animated from Little Branch

The Way I Feel_Gacha / RARE from :HAIKEI: 

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