Hunt for Adventure with ChiMia

ChiMia Poster with frame

Ready to do some summer exploration in SL? What if you found wonderful hunt items during your travels?

The Around the Grid Hunt runs through September 30, 2017.  Hunt items will be L$1 or L$25.  There will be two items per store, one hidden in the store for L$1 and one on the sign for L$25.

HINT: Time to go on a lovely picnic.
There is a hint giver in the store.

Stop by the ChiMia Main Store to begin your travels. Who knows what fun awaits you?

Important Links

ChiMia Main Store

ChiMia Website

ChiMia Facebook Page

ChiMia on Flickr

Around the Grid Hunt Website

Credits and Resources

Adventure Poster from ChiMia

Super Long Hanging Hedera from Soy

Slat Coffee Table from Consignment

Small Plants, Tote Bag [ Kisses ], 60’s Little Dresser, Striped Couch, Luz (Lamp), Stool (Cyan), and Stay with Me (Industrial House) RARE from Ionic

Garden Paving – Short Straight (Lit) from {what next}

Cedar v2 {4 Seasons} * Animated, Cedar v3 {4 Seasons} * Animated, and Cedar v1 {4 Seasons} * Animated from Little Branch

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